How to Uninstall BearShare Completely?

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BearShare is a peer-to-peer application. Itself it is not a spyware or adware, but you should be careful with it as with any other “free” software. Nowadays, hackers prefer to spread virus thru P2P network which has a large number of users. If you decide to uninstall BearShare but can’t uninstall it for some reason, please follow our uninstall guide and completely remove your BearShare.

Uninstall BearShare thru Control Panel

1. Exit BearShare by right clicking its trey at the Task bar.

2. Click Start and click Control Panel.

3. Navigate BearShare and click “Remove”

Note: After uninstalling from Control Panel, do go check whether BearShare is completely uninstalled or not. BearShare has one folder, C:\Program Files\BearShare Applications. If you find it, that means you haven’t fully removed BearShare. As known, Add/ Remove Programs can’t uninstall half-uninstalled or corrupted programs, so here we recommend you uninstall your BearShare with a professional uninstaller named Perfect Uninstaller.]


Force Uninstall Half-Uninstalled or Corrupted BearShare

1. Download and install BearShare Uninstaller–Perfect Uninstaller (100% Risk Free )

2. Run registered Perfect Uninstaller.

3. Click “Force Uninstall” tab and locate its folder path C:\Program Files\BearShare Applications.

4. Select C:\Program Files\BearShare Applications and click Next.

Perfect Uninstaller is scanning the whole registry to find BearShare registry entries and drivers.

Perfect Uninstaller has detected all BearShare registry entries and drivers.

5. Repeat the above steps until BearShare folder is completely uninstalled.

6. Follow Uninstall Wizard and BearShare will be completely uninstalled!


Force Uninstall BearShare Now!