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Art Awesome Colorful Pop Colorful Tote Awesome Bag Cat Portrait ppZqIOU

with Real-Time & Retrospective HF Ionospheric Sounding Data from Lowell DIDBase

The Lowell GIRO Data Center (LGDC) implements a suite of technologies for post-processing, modeling, analysis, and dissemination of the acquired and derived data products:

  • IRI-based Real-time Assimilative Model, “IRTAM”, that builds and publishes every 15-minutes an updated “global weather” map of the peak density and height in the ionosphere, as well as a map of deviations from the classic IRI climate;
  • Global Assimilative Model of Bottomside Ionosphere Timelines (GAMBIT) Database and Explorer holding 15 years worth of IRTAM computed maps at 15 minute cadence;.
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  • Colorful Portrait Cat Art Awesome Awesome Pop Tote Bag Colorful 17+ million ionograms and matching ionogram-derived records of URSI-standard ionospheric characteristics and vertical profiles of electron density;
  • 10+ million records of the Doppler Skymaps showing spatial distributions over the GIRO locations and plasma drifts;
  • Data and software for Traveling Ionospheric Disturbance (TID) diagnostics; and
  • HR2006 ray tracing software mated to the "realistic" IRTAM ionosphere.

In cooperation with the URSI Ionosonde Network Advisory Group (INAG), the LGDC promotes cooperative agreements with the ionosonde observatories of the world to accept and process real-time data of HF radio monitoring of the ionosphere, and to promote a variety of investigations that benefit from the global-scale, prompt, detailed, and accurate descriptions of the ionospheric variability.


Current and prospective sites with inputs to assimilative models