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Jokes Gold Gonna and Hates Clutch Pun Potato Metallic Potatoes Gonna Hate Gold Fruit Vegetable Bag YnAnzO

The incredibly popular trivia game made it to the household of one of America's most famous reporters.

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If you wanted to make a team to win HQ Trivia, Dan Rather's family would apparently be a good start. 

The hit new trivia game has exploded in the last few months, and on Christmas it pulled in 730,000 users during a live game all competing for a cash prize. One of the handful of the winners was the Rather family, led by famed American journalist Dan Rather.


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According to a Facebook post Rather wrote on Christmas Day, his grandson Martin Rather — also an aspiring journalist — introduced him to the game. At first, he says, he was skeptical of adding something to their traditional Christmas celebration. 

"However, once this game started, I began to see the appeal," Rather wrote. "To win you have to answer 12 trivia questions in a row in order. If you survive the gauntlet you win a share of the jackpot with other players from around the world."

Rather said that he, his wife, son, and grandson managed to answer the first few questions correctly. As the game progressed, their unique combination of knowledge came in handy: he identified key players in the Iran-Contra scandal, his grandson answered a question about Kendrick Lamar, his wife answered questions about fashion and art, and his son got the final game-winning question right about Phil Collins and Genesis. The Rather family became one of 300 winners in a game that started with hundreds of thousands of players.

"We hooted and hollered like we had won the lottery," Rather wrote to his 2.4 million followers. "It was a special holiday moment... I must admit that I enjoyed the camaraderie that a seemingly random cell phone app gave to our family. We plan on continuing to play on future holidays."

Rather ended his Facebook post with some advice, which he frequently includes in posts on his page involving the news. He encouraged his followers to both respect old traditions and try to create new ones, but to just make sure they share a spirit of love and family.

"Perhaps you and your family have a new tradition, aided by new technology or otherwise," he wrote. "Or perhaps you have a treasured tradition that stretches back in time. Either way, I would love to hear about them and I wish you and yours, once more, a very Merry Christmas."

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