How to Uninstall COMODO Internet Security Completely?

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COMODO company is famous for its firewall protection and lots of people are using COMODO products. Some people find that they have some problem with completely uninstalling COMODO Internet Security, COMODO Firewall as well as other COMODO products. They still find COMODO folder after control panel uninstall. If you have the same problem, plz follow our steps and uninstall it.

Uninstall thru Control Panel Add/Remove Programs

Users can go to Control Panel Add/Remove Programs, find COMODO Internet Security and click “Remove” to uninstall it. Or they can uninstall it with a third party uninstaller named Perfect Uninstaller.

A: Run Perfect Uninstaller.

B: Find COMODO Internet Security and click “Uninstall” at the bottom.

C: Follow the Uninstall Wizard and uninstall it.

Force Uninstall it When COMODO Internet Security can’t be uninstalled.

A: Run Perfect Uninstaller.

B: Click “Force Uninstall” tab first and select COMODO folder path (C:\Program Files).

C: Follow the uninstall wizard and repeat the above steps until COMODO folder is completely uninstalled.

If you can’t uninstall COMODO Internet Security from Control Panel Add/Remove Programs or you can’t completely uninstall it, Force Uninstall function will help you a lot!

Click Here and Completely Uninstall COMODO Internet Security!


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